MICROMAX mobiles Boot keys for direct USB work

X368 press 1 or green key before connect

X660 volume down key press befor insert data cable for sw

X283 press 0 no. key before connect flashing cable (select USB in comport)

A73 : Both keys home and back, before insert cable,

A78 : Volume UP key, before insert cable.

X271: Press Green/calling key before insert download cable.

X1i reloaded : press calling/green key before download.

X640 : SW with volume Upkey and normal USB

X256,X257 : X11i flashing cable, press calling key

X275 : normal USB, data cable,LSK need to press

X335 : Data cable3, with Calling key

X246 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press 0 to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

X223 Flashing : X11i cable, Green key for downloading 

X78 : Data cable, green key pressing for software update.

Q85: Data Cable-3,RSK need to press.

X312 Flashing : X11i flashing cable , 0 key need to press

X259 : X11i Flashing cable ,Green/calling key need to press.

X210+ Flashing : Calling key + Normal USB cable

X445 Flashing : X11i Flashing cable with center key pressing.

X44 Flashing :X11i Flashing cable ,RSK need to press(data cable with 0 key)

A50 : Data Cable-3,Volume down key

X277 :Flashing cable, LSK need to press for flashing.

X234 :Flashing cable, * (Star)key need to press 

A84 Flashing : Copy SW in blank memory card, insert in phone, switch on with pressing Volume UP + Down keys together, SW starts automatically.

X294 Flashing : With cable, LSK key need to press while flashing.

X276 Flashing : Data cable with 1 key press.

X291 : cable is common with X11i and X550.( Need to press * to start, hold and press * key while sw update)

X268 : Flash with X11i cable, # key need to press before connecting cable.

Q34 :X11i Flashing cable ,Call key need to press

X50 : Data cable, LSK Key

X331 :Flashing cable, Press Calling key for downloading.


X275 : LSK Key, Flashing cable

X278 : Data Cable, Press '1' key before connect cable for Downloading to make USB COM PORT.

A57,A87: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card, extract or wo extract, Volume UP key + Power ON to start download.

A84: Copy and paste SW folder in memory card,extracted SW files, VolumeUP+Down+ Power ON key to start download.

X101,X103 : Flashing with Data cable(LSK),write IMEI in tool, press write, insert cable in phone w/o battery, then at last insert battery in phone.Sample passed

X331i(6250A) :LSK KEY need to press before insert Data cable3.

X234C : 'Music' key need to press before connect to DATA CABLE-3 or X11i Flashing cable for Flashing.

P350 :Press Vol+ and on/off switch inset the data cable hold the Vol+ & through On/off switch give the puls

A101 : Plug in data cable while pressing the volume + key in the phone

A110 : Plug in data cable.

X234+ : Use cable for Flashing, Press '1' key before insert cable for flashing or IMEI write.

A25 : B Type Micro USB (SPAMOB3592) , no shortcut key, insert cable directly for software download.

X210+ : Flashing with Data cable, shortcut key for COM PORT making is Calling(green) key.

X269: flashing cable with Key press LSK

X368 1 or Green Key
X660 Volume Down key
X283 0 key
A73 Home +Back
A78 Volume Up key
X271 Green/calling key
X640 volume Upkey
X256 calling key
X257 calling key
X275 LSK key
X335 Cliing Key
X246 0 key /* key
X233 Green key
X78 Green Key
X312 0 key 
X259 Green/calling key
X210+ Calling key
X445 Center Key 
A50 Vlume Down key
X277 LSK key
X234 * key
A84 Volume UP + Down keys
X294 LSK key
X276 1 key
X291 * key
X268 # key 
Q34 Call key
X331 Calling key
X278 1 key
A57 Volume UP key + Power ON
A87 Volume UP key + Power ON
A84 VolumeUP+Down+ Power ON key
X234C Music key
X234+ 1 key